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Counselling with compassion and ease

Education and experience

  • Certified Body-Centred Psychological Counsellor, Institute for Body-Centred Psychotherapy (IKP), Zurich, Switzerland. The training is recognised by the Swiss Association for Counselling (SGfB). 

  • Specialist course on personal language in therapeutic conversation, Association of Idiolectic Counselling (GIG), Bern

  • Further training in Ego-State Therapy

  • Advanced courses on trauma, depression, sexual well-being, body language, inner images, relaxation, breathing work, feelings of guilt, child and youth counselling, couple counselling, symbol work

  • Specialist in Youth Work and experienced in international aid projects for young adolescents 

  • Certified DANCEmandala Facilitator, School for Moving Stillness Meditation, Chiang Mai

  • Bachelor in Social and Communication Science, Lucerne

Recognition and Membership

I am an active member of the Swiss Association for Counselling (SGfB) and therefore entitled to use the protected specialist title «Counsellor SGfB». The specialist title of the SGfB is an additional proof of quality to the diploma of the counselling training. It proves a solid, recognised training, continuous further training through supervision, intervision and specific foundation of professional knowledge through further training as well as ethically founded professional practice.

SGfB anerkannt

Difference between a Psychological Counsellor and a Psychiatrist

A psychiatrist has studied medicine at undergraduate level. He is therefore able to make medical diagnoses, issue medical certificates and prescribe medication. Psychiatrists are recognised by the health insurance companies. 

As a counsellor, I have completed a three and a half year training as a body-centred psychological counsellor. I do not have a medical degree and therefore do not have the authority of a doctor. Counsellors cannot currently be billed by health insurance companies. I reserve the right to request the cooperation of a psychiatrist for clients with severe psychological problems or to refer them to a psychiatric clinic for further treatment.  

About myself: 

I am a nature and animal lover and especially enjoy taking long walks in the great outdoors. A respectful approach to myself and my environment is important to me for my well-being. Depending on which language you feel at home in, I offer my counselling in English or German. My home is both Ireland and Switzerland. I am fascinated by the multifaceted and real-life field of physical and mental health. It is a joy and honour for me to be able to accompany people a little on their personal path to their inner wealth.  

«If we don't take our needs seriously, others won't either.»
- Marshall B. Rosenberg

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