In my work I attach great importance to confidentiality, non-judgemental acceptance and warmth of heart.

As a psychological counsellor, i.e., from the Institute for Body-Centred Psychotherapy (IKP), I work on the basis that mental discomfort, life stress, sad moods and finally physical and mental illnesses create blockages in one's own development. Through holistic perception, feeling and action, I would like to help you find ways out of these blockages - so that you can develop further and holistically.

My methods are:

  • Empathic conversation

  • Working with inner images and symbols

  • Working with individual speech patterns and meanings

  • Mindfulness exercises for body and mind

  • Strengthening awareness of feelings, emotions and bodily sensations

  • Centring exercises through body and breath 

In my counselling-therapeutic work, I attach great importance to working in a holistic manner with the individual. Change occurs when body and mind meet.


In the case of assault , severe mental illness and suicidal action, please contact local specialised agencies directly.