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Act and react more thoughtfully and calmly?

Counselling for emotional outbursts is not about 'getting rid of' the feeling, but understanding it and recognising what triggers your reaction, and then helping you to find a healthy way to express your feelings.

People often seek counselling when they feel they cannot manage their emotional outbursts, whether they show their emotions through aggressive verbal or physical behaviour or turn their feelings inward and seethe with anger or other emotions. 


When should you seek help?

- Are emotional outbursts becoming more frequent, e.g. outbursts of anger? 

- Are you getting more and more irritable? 

- Do you often have the feeling that the barrel is about to overflow?

- Do physical outbursts occur and / or does physical violence happen?

How does Counselling help? 

The counselling does not aim at "getting rid of" your feelings, but helps you together to use them meaningfully. You learn to react appropriately to your triggers and to act in a controlled way. 

In counselling, your relationship to your feelings is explored, you learn to take responsibility for your emotional state and to express emotions in a safe and constructive way.

«t’s a lot easier to be angry at someone than it is to tell them you’re hurt.» - Tom Gates

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