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Is it time for more ease and freedom in everyday life? 

Counselling for obsessive-compulsive behaviour can address any activity or compulsion that is troubling you. There are many misconceptions about what obsessive-compulsive disorder is. In our counselling sessions it is about exploring the roots of the behaviour and discovering the underlying problem or trigger.

What is obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)?

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a term used to describe a common mental illness in which a person has obsessive thoughts and behaviours. These behaviours may focus on a single area of our lives, such as obsessive behaviour about cleanliness or perhaps safety. Some common forms of OCD are:


  • Excessive or compulsive hand washing.

  • Repeatedly checking that doors are closed

  • Constantly and repeatedly checking that electrical appliances or gas appliances are turned off

  • Repeatedly thinking and dwelling on unwanted or unhappy thoughts that lead to anxiety and stress


Counselling for compulsions can address any form of behaviour that may be causing you distress.

How does Counselling help with compulsions? 

Many people are ashamed of their compulsive behaviour. Seeking counselling for your obsessive-compulsive symptoms is a big step. In a confidential space you can talk openly and trust that I will provide a non-judgemental, caring approach in a safe setting where you can express how you feel.


As your counsellor, I will not judge you, regardless of obsession or compulsion.

Psychological counselling can help you find the root causes of your compulsive behaviour. For many, this behaviour began as a reaction or coping mechanism to another area of their life that they were not in control of.


Counselling is about exploring the roots of the behaviour and discovering the underlying problem or trigger. In this way you can address your compulsions and learn to find a way forward.

«And I paused for a while.» - Pink Floyd

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