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Selbtwert Psychologische Beratung


Would you like to connect with your inner power and strength? 

Do you doubt your judgement? Are you self-critical? Do you constantly compare yourself unfavourably with others?

Low self-esteem, weak belief in yourself, feelings of inadequacy and lack of self-confidence can leave you feeling frustrated and unhappy. Your nagging self-doubt and self-critical inner voice can drain your energy and prevent you from living a happy and contented life.

Do you think you have lost your self-esteem? 

Maybe you once had self-confidence and self-assurance, but self-esteem issues and self-doubt have crept into your life and you can't explain why. Or you know exactly when things "went wrong": The death of a loved one, the end of a relationship or a major life event that caused you trauma.


Whether it's relationships, love and friendship or your career and professional life, self-esteem and self-confidence problems can get in the way and be the cause of more serious emotional problems such as depression, anxiety, loneliness and addictions later in life.

How does low self-esteem counselling work?

In our counselling sessions we will explore how these feelings have developed and how they have taken hold. It is important to recognise that the way we see ourselves can affect all areas of our lives. How we talk to ourselves can affect our self-esteem. You may not even be aware that you constantly hear a negative inner voice that is self-critical and constantly judgmental.


When we don't value ourselves, we also tend not to value others, and this can also affect our personal, social or professional relationships. In counselling for low self-esteem, I will work with you on your critical voice and help you to value yourself more. 


When dealing with low self-esteem, I like to use body-centred and mindfulness-based methods. The Body-Centred and Mindfulness-Based Approach helps you by teaching you to 'pause' when you are about to become self-critical and replace that voice with a more positive, mindful and self-affirming inner voice. Instead of «I could have done better at the gym» you will say to yourself, «I feel really good that I took time to be healthy».

Become more confident through Counselling 

As a holistic psychological counsellor, I offer you a confidential setting in which you can make yourself heard. Your session is a quiet, safe digital place where you can express your self-doubt without fear of judgement or criticism. Together we explore the causes of your self-doubt and find ways to break the negative thought cycle to discover a more positive and loving view of yourself.

«Freedom is not believing everything you think.» 

 Get in touch now for a first appointment. 

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