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Would you like to recognise yourself favourably in the mirror? 

Body image counselling challenges your low self-image and helps you to develop a positive view of yourself as a whole person. When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Maybe you see a pointed chin, thin arms or legs. It is very human to focus on your appearance, but for some people too much focus, especially if that focus is "critical", can be an indication of a body image problem.

Body image problems: a modern phenomenon

Although historically there has always been an understanding of body image and body shape, in our modern, media-focused society our "body image" is shaped by a number of factors: Marketing, the rise of the "selfie", the rise of "celebrity". In addition, the problem, which in the past mainly affected women, has in recent years also influenced the lives of men.


Many people have the misconception that only people who are "fat" or "short", "look different" or have other visually recognisable features that could be considered "weird" or "unattractive" are affected. The "body image" is the image you have of yourself when you look in the mirror, see photos or imagine yourself in your mind's eye.


A healthy body image means that you are happy with your body. It does not mean that you think your body is perfect, but rather that you accept it and are committed to loving and caring for it. Body image counselling helps you to develop a healthier image of yourself and to replace your negative inner voice with a more positive perception.

What caused this body hatred or low self-image?

Our society leads us to believe that we are only attractive if we are "normal". Shame, body hatred and poor self-image are common in a culture driven by an obsession with body shapes and sexualised images. 


A negative or unhealthy body image can lead to a preoccupation with what you perceive as 'physical flaws' and a distorted perception of your physical features such that you feel uncomfortable in your body, have difficulty accepting the way you look or feel discomfort, shame or even disgust about your appearance. This is a very unhappy way to live and often leads to self-deprivation and dieting or unhealthy or addictive activities.

Body image counselling challenges your perceptions

If you strongly dislike or even hate your body and want to stop feeling this way, Body-Centered Counselling can help. In the sessions we will work together to help you recognise how you talk to yourself and how damaging this can be. With support and practice, you will begin to choose a different way of talking to yourself and build on this to develop a happier, more comfortable self-image.


Often people with low body image are also people who suffer from low self-esteem or low self-confidence, and counselling can help you to make your overall self-image more positive.

«Don't let your mind bully your body.» 

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