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Move yourself free with DANCEmandala! 

I also offer DANCEmandala in the city of Lucerne - a transformative free-form movement meditation that moves on many levels. 

With this unique movement meditation, you can treat yourself to some time out in the middle of the week. Come and experience meditative relaxation, refreshing lightness and powerful life energy. 

Embark on a new adventure and discover the "world of free movement". With pleasant sounds, driving rhythms and mindful instructions, you will find a way out of the carousel of thoughts. By moving freely in the here and now, body and mind get into the flow. 

DANCEmandala enables a journey to your inner being and promotes the connection to yourself, nature and your fellow human beings. The meeting with yourself in a group of like-minded people promotes trust and enables the opening of new paths and potentials.

The DANCEmandala sessions are held in German and can be viewed in the calendar. Take time for yourself. It is your experience, your time, your life.

I am looking forward to welcoming you to the next DANCEmandala session.  

Come and celebrate your life.


  • In DANCEmandala everyone is welcome. 

  • You bring your awareness to your own movement and dance journey.

  • There is no physical contact with the other participants.

  • Closing your eyes during the session can help you to stay with yourself.

  • There is no age limit. An understanding to respect each others space is expected.

  • Space for conversation is open after the session.  

  • 15 minutes before the start you are invited to enter the room in a mindful way. You are welcome to move freely around the room or relax lying down - whatever feels right for you. 

  • Make sure that your mobile phone is switched to silent. 

  • It is best to come already dressed in comfortable clothes. 

  • Bring a water bottle in case you get thirsty during the session. 

  • Bring something warm to wear or a cosy blanket if you prefer to spend the session lying on the floor. It's your time to feel good.


30 francs for a DANCEmandala Session.

It is easiest if you pay in cash. However, if you wish you can also pay by TWINT (+41 77 418 61 82). 


On Wednesday, 11 August 2021, the Federal Council decided to maintain the measures that have been in force since Saturday, 26 June 2021, and to initiate the normalisation phase in accordance with the three-phase model (protection, stabilisation, normalisation). In doing so, it appeals to the population to assume their own responsibility and to continue to observe the hygiene and behavioural rules.

The offer of movement meditation is based on the current guidelines of yoga studios. For movement meditation indoors, the obligation to wear a mask, the obligation to maintain a minimum distance as well as the capacity restrictions have been abolished. Only the contact details must still be recorded. 

New Date:

DANCEmandala 26th of August 2021

Doors open at 18.45 Uhr

Start at 19.15 Uhr

End at 21.00 Uhr

Place: Musikraum Luzern, Grimselweg 5, 6005 Luzern

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